The committees of the EAS consist of auditing committee, educational committee and other temporary or permanent committees initiated by the general meeting. Members of the committees are elected by the general meeting. The committees report to the general meeting and also to the management board, if necessary.

The auditing committee reviews the economics activities of the EAS at least once a year. Audit report on previous financial year is compiled within one month after receiving the respective financial report from the management board. The audit report is presented to the management board and the general meeting.

Since January, 2024 the auditing committee consists of Anu Mitt, Matvei Mirošnikov and Tõnis Maldre.

The educational committee aims at preparing and continuously improving the actuarial study program of the EAS according to respective requirements of the IAA and the AAE. The educational committee also reviews the compliance of the EAS members and member candidates with the education requirements of the society.

The educational committee consists of L. Sammelsaar, A. Säks, J. Sibul, T. Koll, M.Käärik and H. Viirsalu.

Since January, 2024 the Disciplinary Committee (the Court) consists of Kati Ok, Jaanus Sibul, Lagle Sammelsaar, Hele-Liis Viirsalu and Raine Talvet.