Courses and Seminars

On the web page of European Actuarial Academy ( you can find many different courses and seminars for actuaries. Additional information about seminars will be published in mailing list of EAS members and could be asked directly from society members.

Courses and seminars that took place in Estonia

August 2022, Järveveere, Baltic actuarial summer seminar - Back to the Future of the Actuarial profession

Jaanuar 2021, Online seminar about Covid-19 models and mathematics behind it

Octoober 2019, Tallinn, Seminar of the EAA-European Actuarial Academy GmbH - Implementing IFRS 17

August 2017, Naissaar, Baltic actuarial summer seminar - Machine Learning, Data mining, Big Data - useful tools in today´s life

August 2014, Sangaste, Baltic actuarial summer seminar – Standards of Actuarial Practice - Do we need them and why?

June2014, Tallinn, Seminar of the EAA-European Actuarial Academy GmbH Actuarial Enterprise Risk Management

August 2011, Pärnumaa, Baltic actuarial summer seminar

April 2010, Tallinn Seminar of the EAA-European Actuarial Academy GmbH IFRS – Accounting

August 2008, Viljandimaa, Baltic actuarial summer seminar

October 2008, Healthcare Financing and Health Insurance Seminar, lecturer Howard J. Bolnick (USA)

June 2008, Actuarial Professionalism and Professional Standards, lecturer Prof.Dr.Martin Balleer

September 2007, Actuarial Management in Pensions, lecturer prof. Marco Micocci (Italy)

September  2006, Practical models in Solvency II framework, seminar

March  2004, Professionalism Course for Actuaries, lecturer Fraser Low (UK)

March 2004, New Solvency Requirements, seminar

March 2003, Actuarial and Financial Risk Management of Pension funds, lecturer prof. Marco Micocci (Italy)

November 2002, Advanced Actuarial Management Courses, Life Insurance, lecturer Marina Adelsky (USA)

January 2002, General Insurance Course, lecturer Simon Pollack (UK)

November 2001, Health Seminar, lecturer Howard J. Bolnick (USA)